NEKAMA, the game

move the game, keep it moving »> when it stops, it dies //

nekama is the discipline of virtual rats; the fictional space of the game is monster island, an abandoned constellation, undergrown with a fungal infection; an electric jungle covers the island, spreading through tentacles of fungus, that hide a wild laboratory within its roots: the laboratory is an ancient concentration camp, that became the lying cult of the rat complex; the interface of the game disbanded into a partisans network of degenerate twin sisters, who resemble their own false look > they are given away by a hideous curved eye, which glances at your side, tricky; so if you are in here, you must also take her treacherous camouflage, an almost similar her…

nekama begins with another imaginary twin sister, fucked up sisss; there is no doubt that she is caught by the infection of fungus, after all she got the bug a long time ago from unreflective sucking of transgalactic venom; so you’ve gotten involved in a conspiracy of underage sisters (fanatic partisans) and feel that their motivation is stimulated by their first influence of desire, blood lust till the acts of degenerate cannibalism; how can one fulfil such a cruel fantasy? look into the abyss, the rat network, to see the ideal mutant; that’s what you rape with your imaginary technological tools; transform them into the image of your disgusting desires, shamelessly penetrate the body inside, past the psychic and genetic molecules, even deeper; surprisingly you materialize sexual fetish, which you never suspected before, and now this critter is seducing you and its lusty torture manipulates you yet again; discipline this rat, you bitchy twin sister! i know you, even if i’ve never seen you before, you are so similar to me; hisss from your suffering impotent perversions, for nekama is a cure for overpopulation, it poisons the instinct of reproduction with a phantasmagorical  extension of the nervous system, lost in the passion of virtual rat discipline; mental netterror, broken rhythm of electroshock, brainwashed you, simultaneously generating pure consciousness; it’s a hidden, but also intensely present stimulation, a rude simulation  that’s what nekama is indeed //

May 29
May 29

now you are nekama (per) version; you connect your brain to an electric shocker and push a vulgar point, excuse your filthy moves with the theory of determination; regularly overdosing with poison; worship the demon and malignant god in one person (yourself); you were created by fanatic nihilists, became a fake japanese analyst of rat cage structures and you are now asking the naive question: all the possible constructed configurations of the electric cage are origami > the rat is a cross of broken lines > what does a flat surface look like? …you are searching for reality…

the system of partisan twin sisters on monster island is a psychic structure of the nekama player; her deep layer constitutes the rat complex, hidden inside the laboratory lie the ruins of the electric jungle; all of it undergrown by the biorhythm of the neo fung infection, so your brain became a fungus archipelago of the imagination >

the masquerade of the fake japanese is a strategy of perception diversity; tranSS cosplay; hallucinogenic therapy, made with an electric projection screen; a totalitarian system of artificial consciousness, which is ruled by stratagem > LOOK! : you are motion controlled with an enigmatic flow of infection, paradoxical logic; the fake japanese hides herself behind her own back; she jumps over her own shadow; reproduces into paranoid agents; the nekama agency is as mysterious, as an imaginary organization of posers; containing only pretty degenerate minds, almost falling into nihilism; nekamizm? be ware! : agents of nekama constantly penetrate the sophisticated sewers of monster island; these extraordinary rat hunters, with a permanently  undefined shape, stay in conspiracy (connected to the sewage  of the excremental ego, cultivating cybernetic alchemy) > inside trash bins of databases and shit holes of graveyards, virtual discipline of rat mutants are born, and nobody can stop creating this weirdness; the pattern of expansion is probably coded inside the nekama genotype copyright; animated kamikazes are waiting for a sign /

connect to your more real twin self > simulation of a hi-tech concentration camp on monster island is already processing!; now every rat-like mutant is being sent to the death loop monitored laboratory, where everyone has every pleasure of biohazard; nekama is made especially for virtual transvestites who pretend to be 13 year old lesbian partisans, covered with the first blood of the brains vagina (…)

this is the era of netterror; the network game nekama is a place of the lost; deserters from a second life; here racist hermaphrodites, in kinky costumes of teenage partisans, mix with each other, planning the next techno terror attack from the compact jungle bushes of monster island; without face and, what’s even worse, without make-up, they are penetrating fractal fields of death-desire;

hypnotic sewers inside out, hanging between sticky slums and the futuristic fantasy about monster island; the smart partisan organization of elfish twin sisters reveals the vibrating nerve of camouflage; it breeds per. versions of its own variations; diversifies into capricious self copies, provoking your suspicious eye; is it, that youve met the same creature, again this weirdo? It looks illusively similar > but!… the tainted beauty shows off the damage, monstrous deformation, beastly dis/oriental make-up, t u r n  on. her meat eating clitoris shivers with irregular pulse, her lustful facial expressions are the secret message for hidden agents; every twin sister incubates another one, through external glands tied with messy head hair; blowing bubbles from their brains creating a vicious communication system on monster island; your only chance to get into the confusion of the rat complex /

circulation of c.analitic rat offspring aggregates the energetic potential of monster island; ugly creatures mutate rapidly; its genetic complication wakes your traumatic memories; its tropical laboratory relict, staying in a sad dream state, resonating with internal shallow reflection?; its visible aura swirled organoid shaking with vain tentacles of phantom limbs, full of pleasure ending at the foot; you are sucking its leaking waste of unisolated test-tubes, leaving signs of skin; sniffing the hungry monster of sticky twin sister sex; she’s curved, leaking with smelly juice; you get drunk, get infected, what else can you do? the ancient look of the false twin sisters eye is a challenge; a characteristic stimulation of sensorial inset that allows you to think that she is still between her first menstruation and first ovulation / rats desire >

May 29

is it worth to lose the face for an exotic make up? false question! exhalation of the fermented gland; expanding pimple, became an eye-sized abscess, with several abscessoidal spinal cords; below the abscess a multifaced boil is hidden; looking as if somebody scratched it; and squeezed it out; a cut will be made, to stimulate the surface of pus; and you never know when the wound will heal > ratification of de-RATization!


13 year old twin sisters wrap their hands with bicycle chains and cut the rats’ tails; children’s cruelty fed with the vitality of illiteracy;

monster  island needs to be destroyed, and then transformed; this refers to the whole universe; twin sisters desire destruction, because after the destruction of an old reality a new one will emerge – isn’t it better?

the island slowly turns to an industrial desert; dead areas are expanding around the laboratory; in the middle the air raises dust-clouds of venom; covering their faces with hygienic masks, twin sisters spit mechanically with thick saliva; the bile is leaking through sewers concentrating inside the underground network; one needs to be a rat to acquire the taste of her spit; heavy toxins are circulating inside the partisan food chain; the island is a grisly breeding ground of infected rats; twin partisans worship the old stone at the bottom of the shit hole /

the ecosystem of monster island balances on the edge of crisis; the plan is based on technological selection of unwanted genetic information; inspiration consist upon revolutionary stages of neo fungal development, which tries to kill off all rats as part of the process of cultural disinfection; to reach this goal, internet agents use cybernetic systems of the electric cage; at a crucial moment, unknown species (so far) of animals appear in the laboratory, singing karaoke: +don’t try any excuse! +don’t pretend > we know anyway! +answer the questions immediately! +for every sign of individualism outside the numeric system, you will receive additional impulses! (promotion for all neuronal networks)

the nihilistic brood of twin sisters grows overwhelmed by the perversion of technology; unreflective cattle more and more resembles cyborgs; plotting behind the assembly line in the factory of rat junk; mechanical mandala and cybernetic enlightment > ceremonies with a rhythm of pulsating led; a selected brood of twin sister partisans are ritually killing their ancestors, ancient rats, entering the abyss of monstrous desire; it constitutes an electric taboo of incest, a fundamental technology for the rat race; doesn’t the bare fact of partisan separation inside the womb of the island touch it’s very core? isolation of selected rat genes on the pacific caused monster island’s birth from rat incest technology; just like rats, adapting to the most random environments, they established the continuity of breeding through sexual relations between progeny and mother (as with the father as well as siblings); the metabolism of their family orgy functions so, that every next twin is deflowered in the family; the psychological complex of incest is complementary to the complex of cannibalism, together they constitute the tendency for rat race biotech manipulation; it’s the foundation of primal self-reference of the body, which defines its future shape;

rat executions are transmitted online on monster island, but only on coded webpages available for specialized crews within the twin sister agency- from now on, will consist of poisonous injections into the occiput; the question appears here – at what stage of the process does the injected poison cause disturbance to the transplantation of its organs? the matter is even more delicate, since an interactive form of internet executions is provided, giving tools of manipulation, recently unknown, to nekama players.

automatic autonomy! or autonomous automatism? on monster island, life is a patent of a vast production system.

facing all this overwhelming tyranny, plotted by perverted media, an animated conspiracy theory about the future rat race technocult appears as confusion in the decentralization process of the rat cage; spectacular globalism, more and more saturated with rat lining, reaches its peak; a stalemate situation is visualised by the allegory of the excessive rat: one rat too many, pushed by force into an overloaded cage, constitutes the crisis of its behavioural swamp, transgressing construction of the whole, following the shock reaction of spreading the collective herd into the squash of private whims /

what do you think, how many concentration camps are needed to produce just one cheater like you? check it out yourself and as a part of free market promotion create your own concentration camp for mutant rats  in a tangle of electric jungle! model sets are available at your local twin agency unit on monster island. beauty is necessary cruelty, so free your perversions > fall into the network of the nekama game @

there is nothing simpler than the discipline of rats, they are already buying oriental gadgets themselves (I have a miniature in my pocket as well), they allowed themselves to be seduced by savage spectacle /

twin sisters owe their technological sense to pills, which they produce from rat brains and eyes; rat organs  produced on monster island are always of highest quality, taken only from living organisms, raped with electric bars; that’s why they not only sometimes lack heads and limb joints, but they have eyes on the palms of their hands. levitating with bamboo pipes filled with dynamite > every body part will separate/

striped lay lines; while studying the electromagnetic knots of the body, a necessary conclusion is imposed, that the rat race was created by twin sisters; like fantastic light streams, poisonous snakes of rat tails are crawling into nostrils of twin sisters, sliding slowly, slowly… a psychedelic smile of a dragon imagines the cell memory of prehistoric evolutionary experience, when the dwarf pre-rat looked into the abyss of beastly ego in the ancient parasite;

meanwhile > a brood of oriental opium traders is infecting the island; in the tangle of the tropical laboratory, partisans are selling chemical camouflage; some time ago twin sisters clenched their jaws and since then tried to say as little as possible; waiting with hands in their pockets, groping the syringe with an invasive portion of drug; injections are applied discreetly into the occiput of overreacting rats; in case of any similar accidents, the tv broadcast of monster island is delayed by a few seconds, during which the curved eye of the twin sister is choosing a less stressful perspective on reality, from one of many alternative cameras;

the twin sister is a malingerer; a line of symmetry is going through her navel , but the symmetry always gets broken; legs specialize into hands; the head wants to rule the sex; upper half is more important than lower, although gravity is constantly pulling down; the twin sister looses her head and flies away into outer space; cuts her penis oblong along the urethra and pees like a girl; drinking the urine instead of tea, good for a yellow complexion; puncturing the rat’s brain with an electronic method of ancient acupuncture; the rat is undergrown by the twin sister;

technological exchange between twin (anti) dualism and rat mechanism is a hi-tech triad; sublimation of the excremental exchange of biology, within which plants and animals are ravishing each others crap; through the cycle the twin sister abolishes the opposition; in the rat trance, the twin sister becomes the atomic mushroom; she longs to activate maximum energy from matter; the future asks what to do with the synthetic trash? the answer is construction of an electric cage on monster island;

the caged rat is a prototype of the twin sister; the rat created the twin as its most efficient extension; there is a rat for each and every twin; values break even – or maybe they’re already neutralised? this is the moment of seeming stabilization and forecast of cruel revaluations; rats are running around the island without any shame; the situation is tense; the tropical rat cage keeps the maximum potential of the wasteland (which is also the maximum potential of reality = actuality of appearance = video simulation); the rat is a simulation of a twin brain; partisans breed inside metropolitan structures of the rat cage laboratory; rats inhabit the sewers, where they feed on excrement; shit is processed blood, which mixes in the sewers with sperm; there are more and more frequent synthetic admixtures inside the shit, they quicken the rat genotype mutation; the rat is dancing naked at its own funeral; twin sisters are nibbling appetizers made of rats’ tails;

invasion of miniature twin sisters beyond borders of reality; one hidden inside the other they are peeping at themselves; pupils turn to watch the eyes inside; who is lurking inside who; precise measurement of their brain lenses show the world inside the cyclone eye; each night a miniature twin dreams a dream in which she becomes a rat; obviously, she’ll never rid herself of her doubt that the rat hasn’t been dreaming of her  first;

twin partisans are sinking into rat c.anal-ysis; the canal is everything; everything is inside it; everything comes out of it and everything returns to it; the canal is always clean; the secret is to maintain the slightest trace of flow in each little branch – unvisible to the eye; it cleans the sewer; but if the flow stops, even for an instant, the canal immediately begins to stink; the depth of the canal is its inner movement;

canals intersect, making huge loops; the multiplying network of canals is quite a living creature, with its changing desires;

within c.anal sewers twin sisters begin bloody nuptials of bloody heads, or the next act of cult cannibalism; on monster island the cannibalistic revolution in cryogenics is revealing; after a comparatively short period of hibernation, twin sisters managed to bring the frozen rats back to life; a specific diet of rats was essential to succeed; they were fed processed embryos;  brain liquid, white just like sperm, mixed with blood and excrement, prepared to consume, inside a skull shaped like a vagina; female rats taste underdeveloped penises;

the rats are bringing pieces of cut penises to life; drilling the twin sister inside, they run away through the anus; driven by gluttony, they carve the bleeding vagina out; gather inside the shitty sewers, recycling twin bio matter; experiment with shit; willingly, the rats are spreading epidemics, which has led to the crisis of monster island many times in its history; they do it with more ease by using the partisans’ communication technologies – controlled by the rat network; they multiply in terrifying measure and this constant increase is only obstructed by cannibalism; the rat is eating its own progeny and copulating with its own parents, using all accessible technologies of eugenic manipulation; inside the twin laboratory, little heads of young rats vegetate as excrescence on the limbs of old rats; their nervous cells are built into electric units to experimentally gain nasty weird-forms of the brain (different types of malignant pimples and hypnagogs come out of the bowels; the hallucinogenic remedy is commonly introduced in pill form; these kinds of pills are repeatedly inserted through round trepanation holes on the island;

disciplined rat brain cells are richer in dna matter; twin sisters transmitted knowledge from one rat to another by implanting disciplined rat dna, they fed rats their own brains; sisters eat rats themselves, as do their own corpses; cautiously, some of the rats were cloned, to avoid destruction of the ecosystem by total extermination of the pack; a new genetically modified rat will be created one way or another …

twin partisans invest fake money in the electric synthesis of new rat dna; they have a cunning try to take over the global market of patent cyborgs #

the experimental brood is radiating with an unknown type of energy – here even the wildest fantasy of twin partisans, imagining the possible mutations of their own species, is now realised in programmable organisations of rat networks;

rat networks are a complication of rat pack communication; created through many interlaced individual tails – they live that way, fed by others, conjoined and moving together;

rat networks are creating a superstructure that controls the transfer of new genetic codes, adapted to actual sets of poison; just like a virus, connecting themselves to twin partisan communication lines, reaching every corner of monster island; through networks, rats recreate the external cage structure of the cage inside the internal structure of their pack;

the rat cage is the rat reality of their ‘actual matter’; the structure of the cage is also real, since it constitutes racial aberration, visually represented by a modification scheme of physiological rat characteristics; its cage is a project of postatomic mushroom neo fung expansion into its mechanical tentacles; the cage’s machine submits the pack of rats to absolute discipline, pushing them to follow its function; the tormented spectre of conspiracy appears; exactly as you suspected (suspicion you’ve been hiding with shame till the last moment) neo fung mushroom spawn must be torn into pieces by a conspiring rat pack (this scheme is constantly repeating); now rats can holographically reconstruct neo spawn; from each separate shred;

fungicidal occultism re.cycles;

with its structure, the rat cage sets twin partisan taboo; taboo infects like electricity – who ever transgresses taboo becomes taboo herself; that’s the inevitable logic of rat race development, resulting from dialectical contradiction of matter; twin partisans develop due to biotechnological experiments which boldly transgress taboo prohibitions – inside the electric cage incest prohibition is transgressed constantly; transsexual twins are breeding with cyborgic rats, using the excuse of rat caste unification; twin rat progeny are shaped technologically through perverted genetic engineering and electric cage implants; rats get excited even easier when they feel themselves integrated with their pack totem; the cage is the totem, which stimulates rats with regular doses of electricity; rats are the totemic siblings of twin sisters who promote the sexual trance of electric taboo; the twin rat cyborg race is a vanguard of evolution;


although designing the official win eugenics lineage, deviations are still born in the rat race womb; somehow, wicked progeny ran away from the pack, all spread into different directions; now they nestle down inside the thicket of electric jungle, virtually stimulating their degenerated brains;

May 29

SS ucking eye-y ou of the cyclone; whirl pool unscrew; whirlwind is lashing your br ain, see SSSSSSS Ö obscene sublimation scene § perversely breed thee androgynous mutants & project thee hallucinogenic models » a spiral of paranoid fermentation draws in with rotating suction; shakes deeply with shivers, thin line of the turning abyss; more mumbled rubbish and monstrous nonsense: @ , but as a matter of fact its an old method of absurd sitting; an arrogant tactic of an unproductive reality hatching program; you now sit in front of the computer monitor and contemplate the glass of the screen – window or mirror?, what do you think; and by the way, how long have you been stuck in here? and what kind of HERE is it?? it looks rather like a dead end trap; a real revolution will come the moment you stand up and begin to walk; at the very least you can walk round and round; let the monstrous chrysalis crawl outside of your body; open your body to a new orifice; [enough of this masquerade! masked hideousness: infertile riddle] , cut wound and black hole that’s what it is, sewn with thick thread, half ripped; >\=body=/< >eye> and inside vision… >ratswillbenaturall Y reproduced, alittlebitunnatural Y too< the*, weird creatures =)(mutantsWITHOUTblood – HhMmm,..;;;; one rat too many ;;;; . wantwithoutwanting. ………………………„„„,well/ » see for yourself; LOOKING DESTROYS THE EYES; the light stream falls through the orifice of the curved eye’s cornea; here comes the projection which is the closure of perception inside the cage’s screen surface; you are the rat in the cage; you are submitted to the discipline of edited electric shock sequences; your cage is an electric installation produced on monster island; the rat trance (trans) is a necessary structure of the cage, which tricks you with the spectre of futurist race hybrids; the time of twin metal rat is coming in the archipelago of electric cage; evolution drains into the fractal feedback of audiovisual technology if the vision looks uninteresting, just look at it once again; look until you see something fascinating > perpetuum mobile image: all images, being broken light, are included inside the transparent stream; the naked projection model presents all of them to you simultaneously, and only a glance specifies the exact one; the glance appears as the very projection, when the empty screen is looking at the eye; artificial light reflects thought, expressed in the intention of the eye; that’s how hallucination is created, provoked inside the receptor by undefined stimulation of sight; it’s imagining the shape and colour, which the eye was looking for this whole time; it now dreams of created projections straight from underneath the eye; lid, which unavoidably covers the screen; diversifying the light, the eye is casting the shadow; it wants to look inside itself; vision is an eclipse of light, created inside the eye and in its technical extension: conclusion is the machine of hallucinations; the eye swallowed the sun; every other glance discovers spots on the sun, inside the blind centre of the sight field; paradoxically its there, where the image looks most precise; what covers the light? is it what makes the barrier between the eye and the light? or perhaps what the eye can’t see beyond the barrier of the light? the creation potency of every vision, although and exactly why, it is not any vision itself; it’s never as it’s shown, even if it is exactly what’s visible; it calls into existence from the solitude (of the screen); with a jokish wink of the eye it swallows the sun; electric light steals the souls; virgin blood is leaking down the wires; the sun is a toy from the transformers production line;

May 29

to not become overwhelmed by the twin sister and to avoid humiliation by the group, it is necessary to keep an elementary suspicion; overall, you should be the first to mock yourself! you will lose yourself in this clumsy self-analysis more than once; after all you are on the edge of losing your sovereignty and you’re asking for it… you try to talk to yourself, you try to explain the situation more or less, but you’re stammering horribly, notoriously losing your point, repeating (again) furtively, you looked into the mirror and now the twin sisters’ glance is paralyzing you; do you have a chance to get away somehow? to understand the unavoidability of a twin sister, one needs to state clearly, that she is not just a mask that hides the authentic identity of nekama game; eventually, one can treat the twin sister as a mask that hides nothing, or a series of masks that hide each other; the twin sister is revealing the fake nature of the nekama player; the twin sister is you; you again – but who actually? aren’t you repeatedly imitating everything of the others? every grimace belongs to the twin sister you spied on before and now you are trying awkwardly to mimic (yourself); the twin sister is as if similar, but is she really yours… copied poses; miserable shadow of cliché; all twin sisters are your impersonators; although you play their roles of ‘not-you’, they define only you and nothing else; you disintegrate into (per)versions of loony hypocritical variants; torn to pieces, your psyche reveals the fiction of partisans; your completeness and uniqueness is ravished by the handicapped brood; piece by piece; there is nothing left of you, which is not alien or secondary; you are an accidental configuration of twin sister characteristics; they can easily recreate you again; many times even; actually they don’t need you at all, as much as you always need them; yet again from the beginning; without you; thee imperSSOnator; twin sisters’ trap; everything is either you or your impersonator; you or not-you? yes/no trap; conspiracy of claimed imprisonment; acceptance of diversity is a way out of the trap; a scream is a complete expression and precise reaction to the matter, simultaneously attempt to get out of the yes/no trap, which returns trickily: it demands complete reversal: nothing; you must identify yourself with the worst twin possible; it: self-protection: invisible central point which you describe in the category of visibility; the blind spot of an eye is a filthy self/adjustment: an unavoidable humiliation: twin sister escalation; you complicate relations creating meta-references on more and more absurd levels: as an effect you finish with a dwarfish fall: another twin sister; conclusion: negation is as total as affirmation; elude the trap, you allowed to get caught inside its negative; your mistake was to submit to obligation you’ve never had, but you chose it yourself; extorted rhetoric of the trap; it was blind anger against your self-image of the twin sister hidden from yourself (not-your image in relation to which you shape yourself; you don’t have your own in this game of attempts to define it; even if you look into the centre –motionless- you create your image on the fringes, the lie of layers; there are only multiple impersonators of the twin sister functioning; not complete not two; not final; not thee and not anti > the mistake of the reduction is the polarization of its meanings; you operate in limitation that’s inexhaustible in its practice of calculation; making the conclusion: there are exactly as many impersonators of your twin as you can count, but not until you count them, without any previous obligatory presumptions; that’s how you create another impersonator of your own twin, expressing multiple humiliations, viciously congenial, one after another sinking into themselves; your person’s copy; just one? many? just one is already all possible twin sisters; they may be entirely accidental, who m a y not be visible; guests poorly hidden by purpose, incognito watching your twin sister; but here materialization of your first impression becomes only too obvious; intimate movement of the twin sister creates an illusion of tight isolation from the rest (of those who are creating her), pointing an obsessive imprint even more; created by the twin sister, the impersonator must replace your perspective on your own image; the animalistic mystery of the twin reveals your own absent image, which is the first nekama identity; from outside, the player begins her plunge into (non existing) depth, the core that creates the twin sister’s image; the image must be a mask covering your identity, which was overlooked by mistake (not); localization beyond, guessing yourself in an imaginary impersonation, just creates the nekama player; for this and other pretences, the twin sister reproaches shyly, multiplying diverse impersonators; twin sister’s per-versions; the cardinal question appears: accident or necessity?, and if one is identical to the other (what you consider to be one) then you still can r e v e r s e everything, not negate; changing the signs; (probably inside the network, on the edge? you are willing to multiply the twin sister to destroy her; you have created few of your own impersonators by displacing the letters of your name; if its fun for you just try to address them but i wont guarantee that they will respond; that’s what’s been written for them, and they are also just another one on the list of many others, from some point of view; more of the same impersonators? and this one, who was always behind your back or even just behind your eyes exactly at the point that sight cannot register, perfect centre, the lack of; if you can’t accept her, but need to, then it’s the direct way to escalate the twin sister; you’ve never noticed that the surface is the deepest layer of matter, even if it’s the twin caricature of your face; twin sister brings the suspicion of half the face against the other; it looks like, that is enough to have a glance, to see: they are completely different; in a way they’re at war with each other, not sure about a mutual reaction; as a camouflage, they pretend to be one another; left right and right left; they defend with a mask of symmetry, they lie as a whole: the face; one half of the face imitates the other, when the other – the one; that’s how the face shows its expression; represents the image of the twin sister; the twin sister is a perfect alien face of your impersonator; its your own face, that you’ve never been sure about, even if it’s the most expressive; perhaps it is exposing something that traps you once for good? > then it certainly traps and exposes; it signs the verdict against you, that you’re not yet aware of, and the only way is to flounder into it (but what?), multiplying complications of this fatal situation; you never see your own face instead of the mirror’s reflection, but it’s your definition of being visible; it is an empty central point of your field of view, which you want to see most precisely anyway; you project it in the highest detail; you want to pre-arrange your own grimace, to anticipate the fatalism hanging over you; not to overcome it but to predict it at least; that’s why you allow for this little feature to come out and prophesize the coming collapse, the great crack; looking forward to your own twin sister you want to see your own facial expression, so you project it in a repetitive grimace; twist of the lips, wink of the eyes; you are falling into a trap of a multiple sequence of conclusions; after all, each and every, face interprets the grimace more monstrously, foretelling even more; than you could ever predict; accidentally, you may think, the grimace of the face displacement brings unease with the impatience of grimaces; the conclusion appears terrifyingly banal: looking forward to your own twin sister you want to see your own face’s last grimace > that’s the problem of the face, which is constantly changing and doesn’t want to be the same; it doesn’t want to repeat this, what one can see, but to what it must assimilate; the twin sister is the face that’s always invisible yet because of that – exposes; you lie to yourself; you can deny yourself but you cannot hide this denial; the cost of allowance for this mistake is the necessary and shameless exposition of it; you are the liar without the mystery of the lie; your instability is more than visible; you want to be caught, embarrassed!

May 29

the shaped forms of myself changed; really… you drawl your worlds through tight lips not looking at her side, like you don’t know each other but you do slightly, sometimes, so you thought about the game of quasi/japanese masquerade and drew the octopus’s feet, missing tentacle, its pierced nerve; all of it so obscene it pushes unreality, it is just subverted sublimation, rendered annoying like a badly hidden glance > your most terrifying fantasy of envious desire to be herself, supervision of desire, which contains a manifold of impersonators who don’t fit; you play her role many times in front of yourself, so the game is going on at the point of contact with the bodies of your twin sisters – is it you who is playing? you are most likely out of all qualities, until you lose yourself in thee hideous parthenogenesis;

beautiful monster, here is the expression of submission to your most futile caprice, you were wrong about her completely, for she is, the tricky partisan of  venomous twin sisters, monster island’s energetic junction, which doesn’t want to be the same, elude and escape, oh perversion of majestic fungus!, may there never be harmony between twins, so they can still irritate each other with the bitter taste of their own venom so there is no choice in this fantastic perdition (everything completes itself in the implacable gesture yet again >


- you look exactly like my sister – one of the twins said and really, she was illusively similar to you, yet this repeated dullness, always has an unsizable modification;

- despite the conspiracy of silence she is meeting you anyway, against you, and perhaps against herself; last night she got through a session of tormenting you, most of the time spent devouring one another; she is thinking of your words, repeated many times till intoxication: “currently you give yourself away to different hands with educational purposes since your choices have been rather unfortunate you decide to be obedient; she disciplines your twin sisters;

she turns her fanatic glance and screams into nothingness – you do something else, you focus all your actual energy elsewhere; don’t waste this space for her because you can consume the whole differently, don’t fritter yourself away, she doesn’t like fragments; for her they are not needed; she is in the process of new completion, reconstructing;

death’s cold smile; she begins to repeat to herself, softly – here is how your mutation goes > you stimulate the excrescence with a cyborg rat: surgery on an open body, pure virginal repulsion; it doesn’t cause the loss of consciousness, only the change of perception; after > after > sew the scars, external layers of skin removed; deeper layers remain untouched and as a result of that fresh epidermis grows anew, which becomes smoother, turning into colours similar to surrounding tissues; rub off the skin’s shallow layers without reaching the level of blood-vessels; an apparatus throws out a stream of tiny crystals and sucks the old epidermis simultaneously; this intervention doesn’t require any anaesthetic; an electrically powered, whirling disk or sharp brush rubs the surface skin layer until the level of blood-vessels is reached; the intervention seems to be slightly drastic, but it brings radical improvement; a computer controls the depth of rubbing, which is bloodless; a laser cuts the tissues, evaporating them, leaving the live layers of skin in an untouched condition; after the intervention a transparent mask is placed over the face;

- she pulls the skin on her skull, simultaneously stimulating her foot, like a control panel of an algorithm of desire, to which you scream surprised – how can you hold it against her ?!> such a pretty pretty perfidious little foot! sell it to her, lend it for a short while, (c-u-t)… desire to lick the souls of your shoes; with longing awaiting the f o r c i b l e expression of your repulsion, which you promised,> or another false temptation? (you behave like an impertinent animal, it is disgusting; disgusting – she drawls her words through her teeth) hence no more dangerous than a silly pantomime; your touch is disgusting even in the smallest dose, it brings so much repulsion, express it even more forcibly, she wants to intoxicate herself with it if it really is –unnecessarily- hidden – a situation without a way out, again and again looping with the same unsolved problem, she’s getting overwhelmed by it;

- you digest it using an external prosthesis, spit – you have wanted to humiliate her that way > she appreciates every effort that you make in her direction and she will try to return it; what can I do for you? you can use me;

- she bursts into laughter filled with mockery – sometimes it’s sad when i open my eyes and see only you; me? it’s even scary sometimes: i’m imagining that I don’t exist > i have full consciousness that you are repulsed by me, almost from the beginning when i met you; which is why I derive pleasure not by your adoration but by your mockery (irritation?): affection! i am a parasite I want to control you -

indignation – it’s not because of adoration for you, but irritation with susceptibility to you, your agents; irritation is temporary; and don’t bite me with stranger’s teeth, i knew it was you right away, it flatters you, fine, but you chose a wrong connection, wrong agent, even if i’ve  almost taken on the game, save yourself; laugh, you’re on every lip, filtrated, to a less radical version, they even use your words, it’s terribly funny and a little bit embarrassing; you spread your tentacles but are losing control as well, save yourself;

words soaked with exciting silence, almost complete ease of spiral neurosis, cannibal infection – they haven’t eaten you yet, so it goes; we must close in on them before they close in on us! extend the quarantine; let it continue; i cut the umbilicals > fine, i’ve left; it’s not known when i will return;

ah how she tricks you, you can delude yourself, so that you unriddle her; you pretend to act completely mindless, but its obvious that you precisely, with full consciousness, motivate your actions; and speaking of what you couldn’t even think… the margin is also only one version, nothing more extraordinary than the rest; selective and irregular;

- out of a sudden you realize you’re talking to someone else – you see?! never the same! for the quality of incentives changes, incentives themselves change, as does their selection; you are not interested in ownership of all versions, only the best version, that you need at this very moment; chosen version; and in general the whole species is behind your interest, you can’t even imagine something like that; only you; you are the whole of your species, and everything that exists simultaneously with you and seems to be something other than you, is also you, because without you it wont exist and you wont be without it; so she is you as well; and opposite; so someone doesn’t exist;

- you allowed yourself to be tricked? did you? have you been alone? and only alone? that will bring the end of the game, but you want to win!

over the next days twin sisters avoided you, pretending they weren’t there, but they were actually more present, so you followed them secretly, you haven’t missed any opportunities to watch their perverse rites; they deluded your glance into the abyss of the rat network; intoxicated you with underground exhalation; stinky rust accumulated at the end of your artificial spine’s tail; stroking tongues of hairy nipples, for camouflage, calming the greedy claws of the twin sister’s uterus just for a little while; the feverous cult transforms into cruel play, wild escalation of frustration grows stiff, forming the rat cage concentration camp, entangling the creature of the tropics; tumult of electric shiver; transgenic weirdoes; possessed by a twin anus, the tormented rat becomes a sexual toy, powered by the meaningless suffering of all species, or rather it’s humiliated annoying race; frightened snouts are drilling the anus; partisans tighten up the circuit, entangle the tails, which are whipping seductively, drilling the hole inside the inner dome of the skull; sucking hiss of the hyper-ventilator; finally you have become demystified, what must have happened sooner or later; bizarre halo surrounded monster island, which twin sisters predicted before; i saw you… you live inside something like a metal box, but quite big, the real in 1:1 scale > just like for medical tools, and inside you said that you wouldn’t move out at all; there was something else you said, but i don’t remember; everything is somehow greyish grey; a brood beyond the uterus; 

- she was one of them, although her provoking masquerade was still uncompleted, unsure, that’s even better – you are girlish even if your brain is your only living part, and the rest is a biotechnological implant which happens to fit just right; pansexual cyborg-nymphs surround themselves with super-designed gadgets, which play the role of serve-mechanism for their libido determination; experiencing sentimental distractions, which are an impersonalised calculation, emotional make-up, as rash as exalted sentimentalism; futuristic princess;

- another pose of this charmingly false game – it was hard for me to react differently to repeating gestures, they haven’t been easy > you only give me roles to play > as if you have already pre-arranged my place > i elude > i don’t agree > 

- im sure that your actions give meaning to themselves by themselves; i totally support the international bioterrorist conspiracy in which you take part of > play sly with your partisans, maybe you will manage to create a little tribal empire; you are rat.ty enough for that, scare away, elude;

we will never meet again and that’s the best solution > recently (once more after all) the situation proved, that we have nothing to say to each other (a form of the game is precisely a simulation of the conversation), actually you can’t interest  her in anything, and what’s worse is that you can’t even get along with the most basic emotional situation in her company; she saved some leftovers of the image of your value, as a result, she didn’t want to meet you > most likely you couldn’t satisfy her in any way; that’s why you hid yourself under the virtual mask of the twin sisters/

you began as if from the end – you needed a tail to manoeuvre your body balance more flexibly for higher psychic flux; are you scoff? it may be refreshing, but bitter with disgust; you are disgusted with this monstrousness! her provocation is beyond you; completely unfascinating; there is something disgusting in the way she provokes you, it becomes disgusting with your words;  for me this conversation is just a loop, a dead loop so it leads nowhere, which is why my provocations become disgusting/ and another twin sister is way too much, certainly i will become some sort of  monster as a punishment/ you brought up the monster from me absolutely unconsciously, which bites you instead of obediently allowing breeding; you have full right to see me as an object of pleasure, like everything else, it’s beyond me, it’s not much related to me, i’ve understood it already, maybe one time you will see something completely different, or nothing at all; on the other hand my right is to develop the pleasure or not; i feed on fascination that i’m always lacking myself; it was bitter; huh – prey? but how? it transgresses my expectations; she seems to be a little bit surprised; prey without scruples; thus far you’ve only managed to cause pleasure in her; or nothing at all; will you try something else? you state that she perceives you through one scheme? show her – what’s that scheme? does she obtrude the role on you? necessarily propose change! assign a different role to yourself as well, she has a limited imagination; waiting for some rabid caprice from your side; but can you do anything else in this situation where you have been stuck? yet you have experienced so much awkwardness from her side; so much of ill stress; and only false beginnings; maybe you could talk to each other more easily as other impersonators… anyway let’s risk a little provocation, prey on her a little while longer)— the problem is not your role but the role that you assigned to her and don’t allow her to get out of ; although she has managed to change her role so many times you still reduce everything to one scheme; she preys on your fascination; it’s just an expression of course; before you do that don’t forget that her defence mechanism makes her joke at herself; but on the other hand she often expresses the very truth with her jokes; this or any other case let’s you presume that her consequence has meaning until she grows tired of your form (she is actually fighting with it not with you):

- another twin sister turns into fiction; overgrowth of a new twin brain breeds itself; your idea is not only about the copying > you treat her objection as a complete mistake; you construct the artificial brains, through sensory patterns of perception; production of hallucinogenic models; you are thinking about rather suspicious  techniques of  turning on the nervous system’s projection abilities; offering therapy  without precise reason; just imagine a simple structure of space perception as a fundamental construction of the artificial brain; it’s a closed arrangement, through which a false circulation flows > for it doesn’t matter if you go backward or forward you end up simultaneously inside and outside; one can complicate this simple pattern by multiplying it into every possibility of other functions; the artificial brain service requires the janus face at the back of your head > look at yourself with attention and you will see it instantly; feet popped out of the skull’s edge; you must learn to move just behind your own back, remaining unnoticed at the same time; jump over your shadow (remember, that you are the neuron of your brain, from which you reconstruct reality holographically); she, from her side can construct you an artificial brain, consider it if you are interested in such a perversion; for now just intoxicate yourself with leftovers of her brain in it’s macabre state; you need a new apparatus; she too is apparently doing nothing, most of the time vegetating in front of the screen, curved reflection of your face, but during this kind of not doing there is actually always something to do > turning and switching (empty neuronal circuit) repression; you find yourself in this state of permanent ill repression and you dissimulate yourself one last time, perhaps you will dissolve soon? that’s why one needs to make you up since you are probably disappearing; you know that you can do nothing, and nothing means completely nothing; she was observing you throughout this whole time; a few times she wanted to speak to you but pretext didn’t seem to be enough (now it looks really stupid, as if before you were talking about something really i m p o r t a n t ; anyway you hesitated and when this happens one usually does nothing at all > repulsion? finally, you thought that if you don’t address her yourself she won’t address you all the more, since she only gives answers exactly cut for your provocations; why should you get something for dirt cheap? but she finally made herself heard and on top of that in a way that paralyses you a little bit; you should point it out so she won’t do it anymore, but you probably desire the opposite, and what, you are making a thought briefly, still not knowing what to do with this creature; you stuffed yourself full of venom and hallucinated ventilations of the skull dome; partisans are bringing the report; you are disappointed indeed because she doesn’t talk to you anymore; really; all real and unreal motives from different lands of you get looped; you must have something to do with that, even if you are unaware of it; and all of its time zones;

- she snaps again; false silence; she’s looking furtively – you wear an illusion of a childish facial expression, what doesn’t show off the proportions of bile, saliva and other liquids with which you choke on, entangles your own reptilish tongues, rotting inside at least at a few points, overgrowing with fungicidal scrubs > twisting more deformed heads that still grow back new, exhaling with the stink of intestines (with which you sink yourself into with joy, blah)

you feel like you lost your partner in the game; twin sisters are destroying your image; you need to watch out for them; but you probably deserve that; you’re sent to rat paths of perversion just when you could almost give yourself ideologically away, you don’t have anybody to fight with; slightly manoeuvred; the most miserable scenario; well; you can’t stand your power;

- for every smile you give the old world dies; you drink from her lips – the situation can’t be reversed since it’s already too late; it won’t be the same situation; you did unriddle it; but why a t  a l l ? what did you unriddle? you didn’t want to be perfidious; you wanted to transgress the occult taboo; the taboo is like electricity – if you transgress it, then you will become taboo yourself; when you touch it, it will get inside you (or if the frequency is too high it will just slide on your skin); the situation unriddled with her tense nerve? after meeting her, you got some weird infection, which you haven’t gotten rid till now, but plainly you feel as you are more and more unriddled; accident? the masquerade has tired you; you want to unmask, but the partisans don’t allow it; so you will mask yourself , but somehow differently; how about the favoured brain wash? you are keen on reversing the situation; you feel unfulfilled after this encounter, you hardly unriddled her at all; you expect her to be more perfidious next time; you should reverse the situation; you would see what could happened; you like to taste her flesh;

- with the melancholic aftertaste of cannibalism, you are getting through the electric jungle; your tail coiled around the barb wire – you prefer to meditate in the bustle of the city or in front of the computer screen, you don’t need the isolation (you can be even more distant on a crowded street it’s just a case of perception and you don’t think about any kind of insensibility, you seek tension for excitement, that’s why you like to see the rat in her, such a shame that she doesn’t even look at you, what humiliation); the sense of all reality as the surface of your own skin is returning all the while, in some sense you live trying to possess all the cycles of nature as technologies of the only possible body; she is also your intriguing impersonator; (but that’s how you try to tie her up, bind her, attach her to yourself so she must tear herself away, protest, bite> let her show her bite; what type of game are you proposing instead? you are abominably self confident; insolent ratter; yes?> this scheme is already exhausted; it burns out, one needs to change it otherwise you will get bored; you wanted to propose a different game, and it will be surprising, a different kind of telepathy? through the electric jungle, you are in here cut off from everything in particular; you lack nothing and you want nothing; (perfect state) it makes it easier for you to observe what’s close, you focus on tiny, usually unperceivable things, mainly on synesthetic impressions and visuals, the touch and feel of your own body in this or another space; things rather fungicidal; (don’t let the word ‘body’ provoke you (but regardless), it’s about something natural and real; anyway, it happens that all strange structures, weird smells, have become one body which has some erotic quality; you initiate a specific exchange of energy, a particular type of concentration; bizarre it is; interesting;

- the returning sense of intoxication with tropical infection – what is this complication? is IT supposedly not poisonous? what poisons her then, some bacillus of fungi? (but it does not poison; she intoxicates with premeditation; that is provocatively exciting> do you think that you are stronger than her? lets propose an alternative technology of telepathy; there is nothing here; the flesh hasn’t been poisoned, she is giving only the best brood, something else is poisoning you; your brain fills more and more with pleasant emptiness; you want to catch the telepathic connection without using the fungus; you can even turn into fungus (if you stay here longer); today you are cured completely; you assimilated the infection easily; surprise her with something else;

- the twin sisters got through the leaking cover – are they who you’re dependent on? do they live with you on monster island? some alien agency?

everything comes a little bit from nothing, but really from yourself; to keep in trance don’t forget about the perspective, hygiene, natural selection and unnatural extermination; later, within the emptiness, the visions will appear (check out how you have programmed yourself) all these monsters (you created them yourself) who you live with, ravish the energy so greedily, you were bathing in rat slime last time; you don’t remember when you last felt such an emotion; it drinks your blood instantly; but how can you allow such debauchery for yourself? certainly because you are practically dependent on them; what vileness; did you really create these impersonators? you miscalculated your power; your abilities for delicate manipulation crashed when you confessed them; you would like to vomit your psyche into the sewer; multiplying ratish creatures; something out of nothing/

therapy, therapy, what kind of therapy? what do you think about it; what did you figure out? variety; you’re just disconnected perhaps, or overstrained in the brain; you wonder blindly, as if closed inside some lowly lit den in nowhere;

the dream> partisans are leading you, but in quite a peculiar way; you decided to watch her, so you are sending the observer; allow the screen to look at you;

last night you had the first dream about the twin sister (although you were inventing her from the start, it was just the first time); the situation, which could have happened in the past rather than in the future, but even more at a totally different time, somewhere in the fourth dimension; the dream was densely multi-layered, so it most likely lasted a few days; it had it’s sexual motive of course, very nervous, but the main theme was the inspections, which you have been doing with partisans inside an anxiously lit house; you remember, that you had to roam underground the nostalgic concentration camp, in order to seek hidden backstreets and imprecise numbers, where you were meeting the twin sister inside different rooms, but usually you passed each other by; you knew exactly that you had to stop there, but only for a while, to inspect the rats, making notes about many ambivalent details, which seemed to be the only pretext for something that you don’t quite understand: you were handing the reports to each other, but acting separately > every twin was making inspections inside a different room at a different time and it was only in the last room where you knew where to go next, based on commonplace hints from partisans; you only passed the twin sister at entrances, yet you could feel her presence everywhere and all situations where somehow manipulated by her; you doubted if you still had any control over it all the time, or if you lost yourself completely/ 

May 29

the abyss of nothingness inside your curved eye; dead locked night inside the forbidden city; gloomy capsule; illegal airport; synthetic dream/ you put a digital skull on your face, virtual mask; you are reflecting yourself in glass mountains; licking/


the same tormenting feeling, that everything repeats itself again and one more time… half possessed by derangement you twine and bend inside the bamboo cage;

sticky sultriness excites the nervous discharge; sensitive joints; mechanical arm presses the sensory with convulsive rhythm; imagining absurd extensions beyond the senses; the vicious auto-programmed movement of your body’s energetic network persists; unavoidable trance of brain massage;

deranged, on the very last night, you broadcasted your left foot live;

the twin sister bowed her head in silence, with an almost invisible smile, she choked on the grimace and full of patience she drew a contour of the rat with the top of her left big toe; the fantasy rat came to life as if shocked with electricity, afterward it ran away, scared away into the abyss of exclusive syphilitic tranSSiam brothels;

you start to swallow oblique; the partisans’ system is a matrix on the surface of the foot which generates all organs; this technology provides the possibility of creating a new body, that adapts to the individual needs of its user; prepared in the twin partisan system, the body came to be, meanwhile…

in the meantime some parasites put eggs inside your foot and they probably would like to get out soon/ apparently they usually surface from underneath the nails/ you should reel them onto something since they can be a few feet long; some of them are coming out through the eyes by blowing up the eye ball; it’s also possible, that they can get out through the same place that they entered;

the big toe’s ingrown nail on the left foot transfixes on the energy point irritating the gland exactly where the brain’s hemispheres meet; all things are an eyesore; rustle drip painfully; soaking with the fragrance of guts; the over/realm of senses pulsates with a hypnotic drill; you desire alternative methods of trepanation!

twirls, shifts and stretching revolutionize the energetic economy of every rat, not to mention the unspeakable delight; consciousness is an intensity of touch (words are only a pretext);

reincarnation of energy from the tip of the limbs; the progeny’s body  from the body of the ancestors; flesh excites the new brood; consumption of the own ego-tail re-bore the medium of organism; biofeedback feeds itself with itself; the eco utilization cycles; the taste of trash; transplantation of exotic organelles oriented with the migration network; c.analisys of digestion juices sucks on the pipeline; spasmodic vibration of a great rat hisss > shesss? hissing sing ink, k-k-k, ks, krs, xs, xsao, ioa, huo, kua, ko, ho; chew/ drip;

something controls her »>

you still feel the shadow of the bamboo curtain on your back: artificial tropic inside the wild laboratory; the gland of exotic tumour’s oversensitive about hygiene;

choreography of the rat network ties itself into the dragon’s tail; writhes and entangles, absorbs and removes; twirls with wild cramping still changing its evolutionary form; shivers with elastic indecision of a total twin mutation potential; spiral noose intertwines monster island;

inside the crystal eye of the dragon, you noticed a rat nest… without any consideration, you took the bacillus of infection on your tongue and swallowed it/

vicious circle of tropical malady continuously excites the madness of the psychedelic war; something disconnected you again; you fell off of nekama for a while, plunging into importunate thought; headache got you, burning the tv installation in the whole laboratory; pipes and cables coming out of all the chinks of your burst skull dome; wiz of ventilation is layering in the mixed background;

do you remember when you sucked her brain through the bamboo pipe? since then, in the dull air of the tropic, nervous voltage changes still tremble; electric jungle lightning whirls permanently; breed androgynous perversions; for eco rats; waterfall of abyss;

you are talking to yourself and stopping mid-word… you didn’t reveal everything but it’s sure that gigantic rats are coming out from all over the place and breeding their brood inside the labyrinth of slums set on poles near the coast, they infect with a virus which spreads from the enclosed sphere of the jungle that surrounds the occult laboratory, hidden underground of the dead city; in desperation you joined the lunatic partisans planning tropical biohazard; you mediate on the mine fields lit by neons; exotic plants blowing apart the modern architecture of the skull;

May 29

Gigantic fungus hibernated under the archipelago of monster island, the largest biological organism; (rat tao predicted that the fungus was the puppet-master of the complicated conspiracy inside the rat network long ago); partisans’ nuclear trials on monster island mutated the mycelium, from which all continents grow; the atomic explosion’s mushroom cloud became the spirit of hidden ancient fungus; atomic disintegration awoke the unconsciousness of the rat species;

the activated postatomic mushroom called itself NEO FUNG and began mutating the electric jungle; it ordered virtual discipline inside the rat cage; soon, technological tentacles of neo fung’s thallus conjoined with the whole archipelago – there is no doubt, that most of the electric stimulants, with which rats use to excite erogenous zones inside their degenerated brains, are hideous tentacles of monstrous fungus; neo fung inspired twin sisters, who killed their parents, closed traditional institutions, and destroyed ancient temples; undergrown with fung, the young twin sisters became the architects of the rat cage; rats were forced to work, turning the circulation of tao energy into an engine powered reel – a rat cage wheel; but high-tech-dao emerged, complementing the fulfilment of neo fung’s industrial project; an accidental pattern of electric parts on the assembly line unit appeared as the internet ching prophecy; a spiderweb quantum extension of iron rat cage architecture; an electron field neutralized the energy of the disintegrated atom, similar to neo fung’s thallus which separates into many tentacles and then unites into one organism; diversification of postatomic fungus tentacles becomes the biological modification of genital dualism; twin partisans – ancient spore print of neo fung – are crossing their gender aggressively; based on higher consciousness of overpopulation risk, chairman fungus is transsexual; the slogan: “two twin sisters are better than one” is turned upside down: “one twin is better than two sisters”; one twin is the third one, the transgression between the first and second; third twin - spread the fungus inside the rat cage! rats multiply into transgressive forms between male and female, almost never defining their sex //

it spreads;

we are infected with fungus; fung adapted inside our skull and coiled around the nervous core; it’s parasite growing on the brain; manipulates the senses; poisons genitals, irreversibly deforms the sex;

fungus is a transgressive form of sexuality, which separates dualism inside the animal/plant structure of biological reproduction; fungus multiplies through splitting one and a copy of the same; it crosses the opposition of evolutionary function, sucking them into uncountable (unconscious) possibilities of higher fungus synthesis; this integrates reality into a holographic organization of fungus; it spreads through the transmission canals of the urethra, growing its slimish dust on the edge of vaginal holes; fungus took control over genital extension, infecting genes of other species; aren’t they only an imagination of mycelium?
neo fung makes up the largest and simultaneously the most complicated organism of our globe, hidden under the archipelago of monster island; ecosystems of continents and oceans are irresistibly undergrown by mycelium; bacillus of mycelium activates the natural mechanism of our planet cycles; the central network of mycelium extensions consists of the multiplicity of nature’s form; a glance of an eye at a satellite image of the earth is enough to see that life grows from its very core;

mycelium recreates itself from every part, and actually denies itself as it is, it freely develops new amorphous shapes; desires to penetrate and absorb whatever; realizing interplanetary expansion of fungoidal infection, it spreads its bugs into the cosmos; sucks the energy of stars; uses tricky time-space continuum mystification to get into alien spheres of the galaxy; and then, there, out of a sudden!, it separates into layers of new biological evolution, in another absurd variation of frantic dreams;

it itches and causes shivers //

May 29